Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walk before you run

So I went for my first run today. Really it was a walk  but hey you got to start somewhere. I was so ready to quit within 30 seconds of  starting. I knew it wouldn't be easy after all I am out of shape but my body protested a lot. I however did not stop and after about the first 5 to 10 min. was hurting but able to keep going though the hills small though they may be did make me reconsider. It should be interesting to see how walking(eventually running) in Houston instead of San Antonio will be. It will be flatter but hotter, more humid and more bugs(really that alone is reason enough to want to move to SA instead of H-town). Oh well.
I almost didn't make it out today at all. I was really sick to my stomach during the night and some of this morning but it eventually settled down and I've made a commitment and I am seeing it through. Tomorrow my aaunt maybe walking with me yay!!

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