Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just keep swimming swimming swimming.....

Ok so starting while on vacay didn't work as well as I hoped but  I did start. yesterday was first walk( soon to be run) day in H-town. walked with my friend Fran. We walked 1.25 miles in 30 min then I came home and walked the dog around the apartment complex twice. He was in doggie heaven. I then spent my day with my other friend Michelle and her two boys and two nieces. We had a blast. made me realize I really want kids not 4 kids but I do want to be a mommy. So all the more reason to get my self in shape and healthy. So when I finally get to adopt my baby girl I can keep us both healthy. Maybe even have a jogging stroller so we can run together. (clearly this is not going to be the case anytime soon but trust me it is motivational for me) I did not and probably won't go walking today because I am sick. Hopefully tomorrow though i will be back and ready.

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